Post-partum low GI diet improves insulin sensitivity and weight in women with GDM

Women who develop gestational diabetes (GDM) during their pregnancy are at higher risk of developing future type 2 diabetes, so lifestyle changes which reduce this risk are important.  A number of studies have now proven the benefit of a low GI diet for diabetes and weight management and a new study has found that switching to a low GI diet could be particularly beneficial for women with a history of GDM.  The study of 77 Malaysian women found that those who followed a low GI diet for 6 months had significant reductions in weight, BMI and waist circumference while those following a conventional healthy diet didn’t. The low GI diet group also had greater improvements in glucose tolerance (measured with a 2 hour glucose tolerance test) compared to the conventional healthy diet group.  These changes (reduced weight and improved glucose tolerance) would be expected to reduce diabetes risk, suggesting that adopting a low GI diet (along with other healthy eating habits and regular exercise) is one important step that women with previous GDM can take to reduce their future health risks.

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